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Why Should I See a Dental Hygienist?

Periodontal Hygienists have additional experience and the benefit of one on one training with a Periodontist over many years, which can hone and amplify their capabilities.

Hygienists in Periodontal practices may be involved with initial phase therapy (initial scaling and root planing of patients in some circumstances), or more usually as an adjunct to ongoing care and maintenance.

They have the “luxury” of being able to provide a more personal and less rushed appointment, as they are not under pressure to be a major producer for the practice.

In real terms, they allow important time to be spent with the patient, providing care, instructing and modifying home cleaning techniques, whilst freeing up the Periodontist to provide more complex treatment for other patients.

There is also the benefit of recognising any clinical signs of active disease and being able to consult immediately with our Periodontist to triage additional treatment if required.

Long term success with the management of Periodontal disease involves both the efforts of the patient at home and a meticulous ongoing support care program. At Cairns Periodontics, our Hygienists work with an assistant and have around an hour for an appointment, allowing a degree of thoroughness and attention to detail seldom available in other practices. They are an integral part of our team, and without them, our patients would not be as healthy and stable.