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Positions Vacant: Cairns Tropical Queensland.

We have opportunities for several clinicians to join our group.

  • Periodontist
  • Endodontist
  • Prosthodontist

Why consider working in Cairns?

  1. You want to be BUSY. Cairns is expanding rapidly and the volume of referrals for all aspects of specialist practice is booming. As a Periodontist you will have an instantly full book and will not spend the bulk your time doing maintenance. I have excellent hygiene support. We are an unopposed practice, and at present I am doing around 2/3s perio 1/3 implant treatment. Our referral base extends from PNG, to Darwin, and to Townsville. We have scores of referring clinicians.
  2. You want to be SUPPORTED. I am happy to provide mentorship as requested, or equally happy to leave you to be your own clinician. There potentially will be an opportunity to become a LANAP qualified clinician once the international borders are opened.
  3. You want a better QUALITY OF LIFE. Cairns has perhaps the cleanest environment in Australia. Tap water is rainforest fresh, better than bottled water. The air is clean, and traffic is not an issue like capital cities. Housing prices are a fraction of the bigger cities and schools have an excellent statewide reputation.
  4. You have an urge to GIVE BACK or pursue RESEARCH. Cairns is the home of JCU Dental School and there is a massive need for Specialist support in all specialties.
  5. You are sick of HIGH MAINTENANCE PATIENTS. North Queenslanders are renowned for being friendly, easygoing and laid back. It is very rare to get a difficult patient with unreasonable expectations. Most are genuinely grateful for being able to obtain optimal care in a regional center.
  6. You are sick of the COLD. Cairns is a favored relocation venue for peoples from many of the colder world climates. We have a wet season and a dry season, with around a week or two of chilly weather each winter.
  7. You yearn for WORK/LIFE BALANCE. Cairns is an international tourist destination, pre-COVID attracting 1.5M visitors per year. We have excellent restaurants, and recreational activities including Snorkeling/scuba diving, Reef Fishing, Marlin Fishing, Cycling (both road and mountain), Camping and 4WDing, Bushwalking. Cairns has an Ironman Triathlon each year, attracting thousands of participants.
  8. You still want access to TRAVEL. Cairns has an international Airport and travel within Australia and internationally is easy.
  9. You would prefer to work for an INDEPENDENT PRACTICE with the potential for partial or total ownership in the future.

The position isAVAILABLE IMMEDIATELYand will be % remuneration (minus lab/implant component fees). I suspect that we will need two Periodontists in the next year or two as I hope to reduce clinical days. We have six operatories, offices, training/conference area and lab area. The practice is fully digital and will have in house CBCT/OPG. Medifit fit-out to the highest possible specifications.

If you know of an  Endodontist or a Prosthodontist who may be interested in joining our group, please let them know of this opportunity.

Expressions of interest can be forwarded to:

Brian James