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Delivering exceptional clinical care for complex dental cases.

What is a Dental Specialist?

A registered Dental Specialist is a dental professional who has completed a formal, university-based, post-graduate qualification in addition to their General Dentistry degree.


A Dental Specialist is an expert in their field with a serious passion and dedication to their chosen specialty; they are armed with a wide range of advanced knowledge, equipment and techniques to ensure the very best care for you. The average post-graduate Dental Specialist degree requires a minimum of three years, or 5000+ hours, of full time study and research.  This is followed by a life-time commitment to specialty-specific training and education to reach the highest standards in a focused area of dental care.

These skill and education standards must be maintained for a Dental Specialist to continue their registration with the Dental Board of Australia.

October 12, 2023

Current Positions Available

PERIODONTIST 3 - 24! Days per week *We need you now!!* Hygienist- 1 Day per week but may lead to more days if desired. Please email or call 07…

Meet our Dental Specialists

Dr Brian James

BDSc, MDSc (QLD) (Periodontics) FRACDS FPFAPeriodontist and Dental Implantologist

Dr Brian E James is one of Australia’s most accomplished dental practitioners, and a leading authority on periodontics and the latest in periodontal treatment.

Dr Behrooz (Ben) Eftekhar

MDSc (Iran), DMD (Iran)Endodontist

Dr. Behrooz Eftekhar graduated from Shiraz Dental School (Shiraz Iran) in 1994 as the highest graduating student of that year. He commenced his post graduate Endodontics studies at Shiraz Dental School in 1994 and completed his Master's Degree in 1997 ranking 3rd overall on the National Board Exam.

Dr Kavita Rana

PG-Grad Cert (Gen.Dent) UQ, DClinDent (Prosthodontics) UQProsthodontist

Dr. Kavita Rana is a specialist Prosthodontist. She completed her Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics at The University of Queensland.

Dr Mark Atkinson

BDSc, GDipClinDent (Surgical Dentistry), DClinDent (Oral Surgery), MFDS RCS (Edinburgh), MRACDSSpecialist Oral Surgeon

Dr Mark Atkinson is a specialist oral surgeon who brings extensive experience to his role at Cairns Specialist Dental.

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The perfect solution for replacing one or more missing teeth, dental implants are becoming increasingly popular with patients of all ages, due to their strength, feel and natural appearance.

Periodontal Disease

Between your teeth and gums there is a small “V” shaped space known as the sulcus. Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection that affects this space and causes the breakdown of the tissues that support your teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Millions of teeth are treated and saved each year with root canal therapy. It is important to remember that root canal treatment does not cause pain, but relieves it.

Hygienist & Other Dental

Dental Hygienists are trained dental auxiliaries who provide preventive and supportive care for patients.

State of the art periodontic and endodontic treatment